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September 29, 2023

Introducing Trio Shifts: Revolutionary Healthcare Shift Distribution Technology

Cade Webb
Cade Webb

American Health Technology Group (“AHTG”), an American Health Staffing Group (“AHSG”) company, announced today the public launch of Trio Shifts, a revolutionary mobile app designed specifically for the healthcare industry to streamline shift distribution and simplify workforce management. Trio Shifts is transforming the way healthcare providers schedule and manage shifts, ultimately enhancing patient care and empowering healthcare professionals.

Trio Shifts is a cutting-edge solution that addresses the challenges faced by healthcare organizations in maintaining seamless shift distribution while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. This user-friendly app offers a range of features that promote efficiency, transparency, and collaboration between healthcare facilities and the clinicians.

"We’re proud to introduce Trio Shifts, an innovative solution that addresses the unique scheduling challenges faced by healthcare organizations," said Brian Schwidder, President of AHTG. "By leveraging advanced technology, our app aims to simplify shift distribution, enhance clinician satisfaction, and ultimately, contribute to better patient care."

Trio Shifts is currently being utilized by several healthcare facilities and systems across the country, and is now available for healthcare organizations seeking to transform their workforce management practices. To learn more about Trio Shifts and request a demo, visit or contact email/phone.

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