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AHSG's first priority: our community.

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Our Beliefs

People-Centered, Community-Based

“AHSG is a family-first organization that puts incredible time and energy into fostering a culture of respect and growth, both personally and professionally. We are proud of what we've built, and are even more excited about what's coming.”
Jerick Henley
Co-Founder, Chief Marketing Officer

AHSG's Core Values

Respect Over Everything
Never Stop Learning
Do Everything with Integrity
Exceed Expectations
“As much as each company is connected at AHSG, our individual people are connected even more. Our staff takes pride in delivering fantastic technology and services because of the self-value and connection we feel from every team member. More than a business and more than a team, we are a family.”
Michaelene Stephenson
Social Media Coordinator, AHSG
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