Data and Analytics Engineer (AHTG)

Edmond, OK
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American Health Technology Group (AHTG) is a software startup based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. We offer two SaaS products focused on different segments of the Healthcare Staffing industry. We are the only company that has products in both key segments and as such, our products are disrupting the industry due to a pleasing UX and unprecedented integration from end-to-end. Our VMS product was launched in 2018, already has over $250M in throughput, and is used by some of the largest healthcare systems in the nation. Our team is small but growing fast! We are focused on delivering value quickly with technical excellence and enjoying life. Learn more at

About this Role

In this role, you will join our team reporting to the Director of Data &Analytics. Over the past 1.5 years, the data & analytics team has designed and built one of the industry’s largest dbt Core implementations using Stitch, Snowflake, Azure and Power BI for embedded analytics in our SaaS products. On this foundation, the team is expanding into DaaS product development and building new data-focused revenue streams. In joining the team, you would collaborate with the team and stakeholders to architect, implement, test, deploy and market our data and analytics solutions. This role offers significant influence over the product roadmap and technical approach we take. Tech stack: Stitch, dbt Core, Snowflake, PowerBI, Azure services, VSCode, Git, PowerShell, Azure DevOps.

American Health Technology Group (“AHTG”) is based in Oklahoma City, OK. However, we are open to fully remote work for qualified candidates.

What you will do

  • Work with stakeholders to define analytics capability requirements
  • Collaborate with data & analytics engineers, product managers, software developers, sales and other business stakeholders to improve data and analytics capabilities
  • Design data models to support our curated enterprise cloud data warehouse
  • Build data pipelines using Stitch, dbt Core, Snowflake and Azure DevOps – including structured and semi-structured data
  • Develop data solutions enabling the organization to measure and monitor data quality
  • Design and build analytics as user-facing visuals and metrics that either embedded in SaaS products or standalone
  • Improve database and pipeline performance through optimization and monitoring
  • Support and improve team DevOps processes

What you will bring

  • 3+ years of hands-on data engineering / ETL experience
  • 1+ years hands-on experience building data pipelines and ELT workloads with dbt (Core or Cloud)
  • Excellent SQL and data analysis skills
  • Experience designing relational data models
  • Experience building analytics with Power BI or similar BI tools
  • Disciplined software engineering practices and source code management
  • Experience building software products in a collaborate Agile and DevOps-oriented team
  • Your informed opinions and creative ideas to help the team and find the best solutions
  • A passion to get things done efficiently and with technical excellence
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills with a focus on team collaboration
  • Degree in the Computer Science or related field is preferred (related experience considered)

Application Process

  1. Complete our Hacker Rank test at
  2. 30 minute initial phone interview with hiring manager
  3. 1 – 1.5 hour in-person or video interview with the team

Ramp up

Day 1- 30

  • Get to know the team and the key players
  • Learn the business, processes and tools from docs and discussions
  • Share your fresh perspective with the team offering ideas for improvement.
  • Get hands-on building stuff in dev sprints
  • Attend Immersion – our new employee on-boarding experience

Day 31 – 60

  • Take on bigger design and build tasks
  • Become responsible for key product deliverables
  • Increased influence in design and direction
  • Pick a side-project to build on Fridays that contributes to the team and makes you shine

Day 61 and beyond

  • Keep going – onward and upward!

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Data and Analytics Engineer (AHTG)

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